Make Your Home Healthy

Volunteers participating in the Healthy Housing Challenge are making many basic repairs that every homeowner should consider, such as:
  • Repairing gutters and downspouts to direct water away from the home’s foundation
  • Replacing old carpeting with resilient flooring to make surfaces easier to clean and to avoid the buildup of dust and other debris that can trigger respiratory problems
  • Fixing trip hazards and add grab bars and handrails to reduce the risk of falls
  • Ensuring that clothes dryers are vented outside through metal ducts to prevent fires and moisture problems
  • Installing fans, vented to the outdoors, in bathrooms and kitchens to remove moisture and combustion gases
  • Checking and repairing old inefficient and dangerous gas appliances with safe, energy efficient models
  • Sealing cracks and holes inside and outside of the home to keep pests out

HH Challenge Gets a Boost from Wells Fargo


Seasonal Checklist  [PDF]
Costs for Creating a Healthier Home [PDF]
Seven Principles of Healthy Homes [URL]
Carpets and Healthy Housing [PDF]
Storm Preparation Checklist [URL]

This short video of ten repairs a Rebuilding Together team made to a single home highlights the opportunity at hand.

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