Get Involved with the Healthy Housing Challenge

Donations directed to the Healthy Housing Challenge support efforts by both the NCHH and Rebuilding Together to make high risk homes healthy and safe. Funds raised will provide tools, training, and technical assistance to launch the Challenge, which will enable Rebuilding Together affiliates to enhance the health and safety of 1,500 low-income households over the next three years.

Join Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac in supporting the Healthy Housing Challenge. Your leadership will provide safe and healthy homes in communities across the United States


Everyone deserves a healthy home. You can make a difference to a family in need today.

Your gift puts the Seven Principles of Healthy Housing into action:

Dry  $25 repairs a broken gutter or downspout
Clean $40 buys low VOC paints and green cleaning products
Pest-Free $50 seals cracks and holes to prevent pests from getting into the home
Contaminant-Free $75 buys Carbon Monoxide alarms, needed in every home with a gas appliance
Safe $100 installs grab bars and stair railings to prevent injuries from falls
Ventilated $150 repairs a dangerous clothes dryer vent
Maintained  $200 makes energy upgrades to reduce high utility bills

You can also get involved in these ways:

Each year, 100,000 volunteers donate their time and talents to Rebuilding Together to make sure their neighbors live in a safe and healthy home. Community rebuild days are about raising awareness around healthy housing issues and offer team building opportunities with an impact. To learn more about how your business can volunteer in your community.

Support the Healthy Housing Challenge to link homes with health and set the stage for needed policy changes at all levels. Learn more about advocacy efforts through the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition.

Help us amplify the Healthy Housing Challenge! Share our Seasonal Checklist and Costs for Creating a Healthier Home factsheets with friends and family via your social networks. Post our YouTube videos to your Facebook wall and tweet about the Healthy Housing Challenge using the hashtag #HHChallenge.

If a low-income homeowner in your community needs critical home repairs, please encourage them to contact a Rebuilding Together affiliate in your area.

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